Ceremony Skate Shop Grand Opening Photos

The locals of San Luis Obispo can rejoice now that there’s a full-fledged brick-and-mortar spot for skate goods. Peep the scene as the REAL team rolled up to elevate the opening of Ceremony—skate shop that is. —Andrew Cobb

001The day before the big event, we linked up with the REAL crew in SLO. You’ll have to wait for the clips

002We heard it’s a good omen to get shit on during the session, so we ended it there

003Morford started the next day right by firing up the local TF. Cool to see him on the other side of the camera

004Gavin Bottger got his back with a Smith

005And it’s off to the next spot

006When the fuzz came through, we sent in some experienced negotiators

007We suggested a drag race for rights to the spot, but it was time to get to the shop anyway

008It’s beautiful!

009Out back the shop had its first official junk jam

010Quite the crew already

011Spotted local legend Joey Pulsifer and his queen early on

012The mag sent some pizzas down to feed the scene. Thanks, Thrasher!

013Decisions, decisions… Local ripper Pale had a hard time with the buffet of options

014Midday on the coast means you gotta grab a water

015This little rogue copped some pupperoni

016The DLX warehouse crew made it down

017Coleman came through with a new obstacle

018Instant hit. Thanks, Cole!

019Some serious talent in this shot. Thanks, Gabe, for wrangling Gage

020The local parrots made an appearance, too. Hang out on Johnson St. long enough and you just might get the chance to pet one

021Little Thrasher homie was on call

023Tat daddy Darren made sure to show off his ink. Reno, stand up!

024More local legends, Phat Tony and Ben Cab were there. And if they’re here…

025… so is Phat Pile!

026Get a look at Arroyo Grande’s newest homeowners and soon-to-be spouses. Congratulations, Blair and Brenda!

027Kids being kids. Pretty sure they stuffed a friend in that fridge

028Homie missed out on the ‘za. Thankfully Papas Thai is right around the corner

029Free drinks? Not bad

030What are these for?

031Christian’s supply of free boards?!

032The lucky winner is in there somewhere. I guess so are a lot of losers. It’s all about perspective, eh?

033Harry, your boards are already free…

034Christian's outside voice wasn't cutting it, so we had to get creative. The next shop expense will be a megaphone

035Winner, winner, chicken dinner. This kid walked away with a freshly signed deck from Harry Lintell

036Mark and his son Milo wished and they received. Jawbreaker deck is going home to the Broken Bottle Bowl

037Who killed Laura Palmer? Who cares?! There’s free Polar gear!

038Christian got the whole gang together for the most wholesome photo of the night

040If Tim’s in the captain's chair, that means the REAL team is hitting the road. Which also means the party was winding down

042After the party is the afterparty. Barrelhouse Brewing gave us a warm welcome

043We dare you to find more taps in town

044Cheers, my Gs!

045Someone left a cold one by its lonesome. Makes for a good chance to plug Barrelhouse Brewing again!

046You like to laugh? So do we!

047It’s called a good time and Jake and Brian know a thing or TWO about them

048Darren stayed hydrated while enjoying his pretzel-and-mustard dinner

049We also got a viewing of the local video Prepare to be Bummed. Pretty shitty name considering everyone was hyped


051These two held the shop down all day. Hats off to Lena and Tristan. Same goes to Ethan (offscreen)

053Brian and Ben closed down the bar

054Last call. You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here. Thanks to the REAL crew and DLX fam for showing up. Thanks again to Barrelhouse Brewing. And a big thank you to Ceremony skateshop for filling the void in San Luis Obispo County. Stop by if you’re in town!

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