CPH 2022 Photos By Arto Saari

36 CPH 20220616 Cphopen AS 00558Alexis Lacroix, skier 50-50

After more than a decade, the city of Copenhagen still holds surprises for the global skate scene. Arto reports from the field.

1 CPH 20220614 NikolajKunsthall AS 00041 1Starting off with a little culture, we check out some art at the Nikolaj Kunsthal Comtemporay Art center. Ishod in the ring of fire hints at the mayhem that lies in the days ahead

2 CPH 20220614 NikolajKunsthall AS 00118 1Flattered to make the wall with a few words

3 CPH 20220614 NikolajKunsthall AS 00138Master Fatman, a philosopher if there ever was one

4 CPH 20220614 NikolajKunsthall AS 00008 3Oh yeah, there was skating in the museum too. This is CPH, after all. Thomas Dritsas catches a crook

5 CPH 20220614 NikolajKunsthall AS 00225Stoked to see some of the best to ever touch a board: Stefan, Elissa, BA and Rune

6 CPH 20220614 Underthebridge AS 00069Enough stallin', we had to get to business under the bridge. Also glad to see a smilin' Hugo Boserup right away

7 CPH 20220614 Underthebridge AS 00290Don’t go chasin’ waterfalls, unless you got a picture-perfect frontside nosegrind like Hugo

8 CPH 20220614 Underthebridge AS 00411Pad-free on the concrete with a sweet tooth, Jimmy Wilkins sends a sugarcane across the lip

9 CPH 20220614 Underthebridge AS 00554 1The man looks good with the classic oval

10 CPH 20220614 Underthebridge AS 00621 1What’s a Jimmy appearance without a little hangtime? Not as good as one with, probably. Backside ollie

Arto CPH Collage 2 2000Let’s hope the deck holds…

13 CPH 20220615 Underthebridge AS 00409Next up, Chris Russell plants one on the roof

14 CPH 20220615 Underthebridge AS 00067Art ain’t just for the gallery walls

15 CPH 20220615 Underthebridge AS 00190Sick clouds

16 CPH 20220615 Underthebridge AS 00235Demo staples—a stacked deck of photographers catching flying fish

17 CPH 20220615 Underthebridge AS 00355Also the crowd-pleasing FSA is a necessity

18 CPH 20220615 Underthebridge AS 00388The artist at work along with just one of his many adoring fans

Arto Collage 3 2000“I can't pronounce his name!”

22 CPH 20220616 Cphopen AS 00034The shade’s nice, but we gotta get some sun. Alexis “Ooohhh Yyyeeeaaahhh” Lacroix breaks in the slider curb with a no-footed 50-50

23 CPH 20220616 Cphopen AS 00075Cyrus treated the scene to a high-speed back tail

24 CPH 20220616 Cphopen AS 00127And Louie had the need for speed too. After his boardslide combo we had to get over to the red plaza

27 CPH 20220616 Cphopen AS 01090Ishod starts the show with a front crook

28 CPH 20220616 Cphopen AS 01190Close behind on the escalator, Nyjah goes back nosegrind

25 CPH 20220616 Cphopen AS 00272Uh oh, Felipe Nunes made it out. Looks like it’s gonna rain hammers

29 CPH 20220616 Cphopen AS 01204See? Right out the gate with a 270 flip over the hip

30 CPH 20220616 Cphopen AS 01227Landsled tag team, Roman holds rail while Evan grabs tail

31 CPH 20220616 Cphopen AS 01364Messy weekend indeed

32 CPH 20220616 Cphopen AS 01721Gio puts down an Omar Hassan classic, hail-mary heelflip grab

33 CPH 20220616 Cphopen AS 01041Some of Flip’s finest, Deacon and Luan

34 CPH 20220616 Cphopen AS 01052Good to see Ali Boulala and Dustin Dollin

35 CPH 20220616 Cphopen AS 00531Lui takes a break from stackin’ the Story clips to get a few rips of his own

37 CPH 20220616 Cphopen AS 00712Karsten cooks a front crook

38 CPH 20220617 Hoje Prison AS 00348Picturesque public plazas and world-class art museums are great and all, but have you ever thought about skating a Danish prison? Me niether, but it happened

39 CPH 20220617 Hoje Prison AS 00640'Jah doesn’t need to warm up, he just goes straight for the front shove nosegrind

40 CPH 20220617 Hoje Prison AS 00700He’s also happy to see Deedz get his back with a front blunt

41 CPH 20220617 Hoje Prison AS 00818Milou skips the flat with a lofty kickflip

42 CPH 20220617 Hoje Prison AS 00923The cargo bike can be a car, a wagon or the perfect perch to watch the show

43 CPH 20220617 Hoje Prison AS 01012Tractor tires also work

44 CPH 20220617 Hoje Prison AS 01170Heitor Da Silva joins the action, back Smithing in the yard

45 CPH 20220617 Hoje Prison AS 01516Foy brings the form with this proper heelflip

46 CPH 20220617 Hoje Prison AS 01529Then Evan closes the show with a frontside flip

47 CPH 20220617 Hoje Prison AS 01559Jail sucks; let’s get outta here

48 CPH 20220617 Hoje RunesPool AS 00203This three-block rail was put in just for the occasion. Who better to spark it than the pinch god himself, Jamie Foy?! Front crook

49 CPH 20220617 Hoje RunesPool AS 00641At least one person has to flip over on the round bar. Sorry, Art

50 CPH 20220617 Hoje RunesPool AS 00647Still thankful Tom woke me up to go skate

51 CPH 20220617 Hoje RunesPool AS 00725It’s all love at CPH

52 CPH 20220617 Hoje RunesPool AS 00811Back to the action, Art Cordova got up and held the front blunt to the bottom. Now let’s see some bowl burning

53 CPH 20220617 Hoje RunesPool AS 01271Over in Rune’s pool we got to see Madonna in the deep end

54 CPH 20220617 Hoje RunesPool AS 01413And what’s a pond without a fish? Keegan Palmer gets it

55 CPH 20220617 Hoje RunesPool AS 01532My guy just needs a second to hydrate, then you'll see how it's really done

56 CPH 20220617 Hoje RunesPool AS 01593Liam Pace whips an Indy 540

57 CPH 20220617 Hoje RunesPool AS 01658Keep on truckin’, with these gas prices?! Caroline Duerr fully decks the front rock

58 CPH 20220617 Hoje RunesPool AS 01737There here is! FSO, as good as it gets

59 CPH 20220617 Hoje RunesPool AS 01902Followed by The Muscle trying to smash the sun, FSA

60 CPH 20220617 Hoje RunesPool AS 02108Lui helps Kieran Woolley keep the Swoosh clean on this frontside invert

61 CPH 20220618 CphSkatepark AS 00202Keep the moon, Denmark’s got the ramp. Let’s take a walk to see the stars

62 CPH 20220618 CphSkatepark AS 00303Hey, Louie!

63 CPH 20220618 CphSkatepark AS 00356Koston and Koston came through

64 CPH 20220618 CphSkatepark AS 00423Karsten and Ville catch up at the rehydration station

65 CPH 20220618 CphSkatepark AS 00449The visionary behind Polar and Last Resort, Pontus Alv

66 CPH 20220618 CphSkatepark AS 00595Last up before we head inside, I had to get a photo of Ville with Ellington

67 CPH 20220618 CphSkatepark AS 00819Another one down, Roman Pabich gets grounded

68 CPH 20220618 CphSkatepark AS 00869Simon Bannerot sends a mute grab over our guys Mason, Ryan and Louie

69 CPH 20220618 CphSkatepark AS 00940Milou kickflip frontside wallride

70 CPH 20220618 CphSkatepark AS 01010Funa Nakayama front crook pop out

71 CPH 20220618 CphSkatepark AS 01242And back outside we have a classic obstacle for any European jam, the rail into bank. Nyjah swiftly sends a backside NBS to the bottom

72 CPH R5A3803The next day we had to take a breather from the crowds and stack in the streets. This flat gap was the perfect spot for our ambitions. Evan Smith kickflips over the cobblestones, no problem

73 CPH R5A3890Quick break to admire the stonework

74 CPH R5A3982And then we’re back to the bangers, Luan skips the street with massive backside flip

75 CPH R5A4039And GT lofted the rare backside shove

76 CPH R5A4048Psychodro takes the Ragdoll method

77 CPH 0Y8A3765And gets his due props. Sorry, Evan, you’ll have to wait

78 CPH 0Y8A3789Game respect game, P-Rod and GT

79 CPH 0Y8A3952Hey, Frank!

80 CPH 20220618 StudioSidemish AS 00011By this time, just about everyone was cashed and desperately needed to slow down. So I hopped on a side mission to the music studio with some notable double threats

81 CPH 20220618 StudioSidemish AS 00015Warmin' up the ones and twos

82 CPH 20220618 StudioSidemish AS 00066Not skippin’ a beat, Austyn grabs a bass

83 CPH 20220618 StudioSidemish AS 00071Analog, baby, like the clothing company Stefan rode for

84 CPH 20220618 StudioSidemish AS 00098Speaking of, the guy’s got a few moves on the ol’ six string

85 CPH 20220618 StudioSidemish AS 00112And we’ve got a band! Probably on the jazzier end

86 CPH 20220618 StudioSidemish AS 00154Don’t even talk to me until I’ve played my morning sax solo

87 CPH 20220618 StudioSidemish AS 00158The minor chord before the major lift

88 CPH 20220618 StudioSidemish AS 00182This bass line walks in Chelsea boots. And talkin' about walkin', let’s head out to see what’s happening over at the spa

90 CPH 20220704 LaKantera AS 00055Not gonna lie, that’s not the best sign….

91 CPH 20220704 LaKantera AS 00062Also seems a little sketchy

92 CPH 20220704 LaKantera AS 00075But if Russell ain't worried, then I’m sure it’s fine!

93 CPH 20220704 LaKantera AS 00132Alec Majerus keeps the cap on during a sweat session

94 CPH 20220704 LaKantera AS 00136Do as the Danes do

95 CPH 20220704 LaKantera AS 00140Basically the same as grilling onions. Let’s get some air

96 CPH 20220704 LaKantera AS 00172Hey, it’s the hemmie!

89 CPH 20220704 LaKantera AS 00905Always a pleasure to see Skaters in Love, Axel and Lizzie

98 CPH 20220704 LaKantera AS 00208Stefan and William came to unwind too

99 CPH 20220704 LaKantera AS 00252When you've got it all figured out

100 CPH 20220704 LaKantera AS 00260Habitat royalty Tim O’Connor and Stefan get snapped up with their friend

102 CPH 20220704 LaKantera AS 00267"Yeah, we were both in Mosaic"

103 CPH 20220704 LaKantera AS 00279And they’re still pals

104 CPH 20220704 LaKantera AS 00349What, you thought Chris Russell would just dip his toe in?

105 CPH 20220704 LaKantera AS 00353The decisive moment

106 CPH 20220704 LaKantera AS 00403It wouldn’t be CPH without a Kevin White photo

107 CPH 20220704 LaKantera AS 00479Ish got all hopped up

108 CPH 20220704 LaKantera AS 00551He’s probably just hyped on the star treatment, or Gas Giants treatment

109 CPH 20220704 LaKantera AS 00614No people in the painting, that’s kinda sad

110 CPH 20220704 LaKantera AS 00668Let’s leave on a high note, like P-Rod takin’ a sip of somethin’ with his friends Tim and Stefan

97 CPH 20220704 LaKantera AS 00194Or actually, photo of Gary throwin’ peace is perfect. See you next year, everyone
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