Emerica's "Empower" Premiere Photos

Emerica premiered its new EmPower video last weekend in Vista. We got to see full parts from Erick Winkowski, Chris Wimer and Kevin Baekkel with plenty of footage from the rest of the squad. This one is heavy; Emerica videos never disappoint! Take a look at who rolled up. —Rhino

1First skaters to show up, we got Emerica boys Leo Romero and Dakota Servold

2It's us! Collin, Stephanie and Jon Miner

3Everyone, throw up the Mafia! Alexis Ramirez always rolls with a deep crew SM4Life

4 I. E. Destroyer Jeremy Leabres and Marina came out

5Sole Tech’s Don Brown wouldn’t miss this one. Think we'll get freestyle trick in there?

6Cody Jacobson and his homie Jason rolled up from LBC

7Leo and Julian Davidson, nothin' but love

8You know we had to snap up Emerica’s Tim Cisilino with Thrasher Dan

9There he is, street assassin and all-time G Braden Hoban

10The Heated Wheel’s Tom Remillard was spotted with special guest Eniz Fazliov, in from Finland

11The keys stay outside the pockets with these guys, Broose Lightning, Stoogs, House of Vista’s shop owner Mike Bricke and Jonno 

12Slappy’s Garage crew rolled in tough

13Dan Stolling took over the camera for a minute so I could hop in with fellow photo goon Tim Aguliar alongside heavy hitters Dickson and Servold

14This crew kept looking for Strobeck. Sorry, wrong coast

15Cody Moyles, Skippy and Chris Russell link up by the green screen

16You knew there'd be at least one photobomb

17Another ripping crew rallied from LBC, Josh Douglas, Art Cordova, Christian Dufrene, Steak, Bailey and Patrick

19Speakin' of crews, we got Jon Miner, Mike Burnett and Braden Hoban all in one photo 

18Rose Street Skateshop owner Sean stopped by with friends

20Erick Winkowski and his family, great people! 

21Jonno and his band Supper rev’d it up after the video dropped

22Then Cosmognostic shut it down!

23Sole men Tim Cisilino and Don Brown celebrate—cheers, fellas!

24Erick Winkowski opened it up and Baekkel got curtains! Miner nailed it as usual. Now patiently wait for the vid to drop here next week! That’s a wrap...
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