Leo Romero’s "Skater" Shoe Release Event Photos

Leo Romero has another pro shoe for Emerica dropping and to celebrate they've been throwing events at shops across California. I heard there would be pizza and maybe even a new Leo part, so I hit up the event at Innercity skateshop in the heart of LA to see what all the buzz was about. On top of the food pics, I even saw some pros! Check ‘em.

Seidler L1036804 2000This shop really loves Leo

Seidler L1036811 2000Damn, I’m early AF. They’re still setting up. He really can do it all!

Seidler L1036814 2000Fancy display

Seidler L1036815 2000Are you down to film this event for me?

Seidler L1036816 2000Chris Pastras and Don Brown got in the way of this portrait of Leo. All good though

Seidler L1036817 2000Baby Leo on repeat while the crowd builds

Seidler L1036819 2000Emerica owner Pierre and Steve Clare talking shoe biz

Seidler L1036824 2000So much fuckin’ pizza

Seidler L1036825 2000The DJ played every song Leo has skated to. Encore for Moving Units, anyone?

Seidler L1036826 2000The shop stayed open late for the event. Let’s get this bread

Seidler L1036827 2000Tim, did you order enough pizza?

Seidler L1036828 2000Just a sample of Emerica's in-house talent, lensman Tyler and designer Mikey 

Seidler L1036837 2000Seen the new mag yet?

Seidler L1036842 2000Photo Feature, Five Greats with Tony Hawk and so much more

Seidler L1036840 2000The creators

Seidler L1036841 2000You like? Shiny, no?

Seidler L1036844 2000Sole Tech brethren Danny made it out to throw a few horns for his Skater

Seidler L1036846 2000Cody, Tyler and Christian under the watchful grind of the L-Man

Seidler L1036852 2000Leo on all the screens. When’s his new part gonna play?!

Seidler L1036863 2000Juju showed up with the proper attire

Seidler L1036860 2000So did Pierre!

Seidler L1036867 2000Gotta appreciate the good hats

Seidler L1036874 2000Mic check!

Seidler L1036909 2000Hey, Mr. Tambourine Man, play a song for me…

Seidler L1036919 2000A whole room of Travesura fans

Seidler L1036946 2000They got the good seats

Seidler L1036949 2000Watching the GX1000 video scored by Leo on guitar was something I never thought I’d see

Seidler L1036955 2000And now, the moment we've been waiting for

Seidler L1036968 2000Everyone's still in shock

Seidler L1036976 2000This Doogen is down with the mag!

Seidler L1036985 2000Let there be cake!

Seidler L1036972 2000Thanks for the hospitality, Innercity! And congrats on the new shoe and part, Leo!
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