The Bunt Jam 2023 Photos

STEPPING OUTSIDE OF STUDIO E, the boys at The Bunt invited a hand-picked crew of all-stars to burn down the barn and hop into a stoked-out basketball tournament. Field goals, swishes and good ol’ fashioned rippage from some of the best, get a look at the best flicks in Toronto!

Captions by Cephas Benson
Photos by Dan Mathieu, Norma Ibarra and Ryan Lebel

018 dm 230707 buntjam 0025 2000The calm before the storm

014 dm 230707 buntjam 00034 2000I’m wet. Pay me!

022 dm 230707 buntjam 04688 2000Maybe I’ll get a shoutout on Skateline for this one—$1000 half-court shot

015 dm 230707 buntjam 00065 2000There’s more jocks in the skate industry than you think

016 dm 230707 buntjam 00087 2000No, no, you listen to me, Tim!

017 dm 230707 buntjam 00105 enhanced nr 2000Swag defined, Zion Wright

019 dm 230707 buntjam 00273 enhanced nr 2000You’re a long way from home, Davis. You ain’t getting these calls. Davis Torgerson blocked by yours truly

049 lebelphoto bunt23 bb 0325 2000I’m literally unstoppable in these Beatrice Zahba Mids with Impact Waffle technology

050 lebelphoto bunt23 bb 0663 2000You know what? I fucking love onions. Jake Anderson before an airball

051 lebelphoto bunt23 bb 1343 2000When the parlay hits. It’s proven that you will win 100 percent of your bets while drinking Beamer beer

052 lebelphoto bunt23 bb 9631 2000I kickflip front tailed Bay Blocks. Get the fuck out of my way

001 buntjam 00883 2000"Satan’s Drano is fuckin incredible!" The world's greatest basketball announcer Conor Neeson

002 buntjam 00990 2000Coming in at 4’10" with a two-foot wingspan, Mason Silva averaged a career-high one point per game

003 buntjam 01089 2000How the fuck did I get stuck on The Ghost?!  Curren “Baby Food” Caples couldn't keep up

004 buntjam 01236 2000I thought they were gonna go easy on me!  The skateboard world's baby-faced assassin against Sascha Daley

005 buntjam 3854 2000Simple physics, Doogie Lester ain’t going nowhere against Gary Rogers

023 dm 230707 buntjam 04693 2000The Blue Tile Lounge support was there. The win was not

020 dm 230707 buntjam 00366 enhanced nr 2000After Gary and the Thrasher boys choked, the finals rematch of doom took place. Andrew Skate Shop vs The Bunt

021 dm 230707 buntjam 00505 enhanced nr 2000Zach Baker inexplicably dives while Donovan Jones secures the rebound and assist to secure the W

024 dm 230707 buntjam 04997 2000Anthony Robert Frigon, Leslie Solorzano, Cephas Benson Donovan Jones, back to back. Carlos Ribeiro said Primitive is going to end the run in 2024. Talk is cheap

031 dm 230708 buntjam 05054 2000Next day, I had to emerge from behind the scenes for this view. Antz One

027 dm 230708 buntjam 00706 2000I like to do gap noseblunts for the people. Elijah Berle, over and down

036 lebelphoto bunt23 2113 2000If I make this, TM said I can play 18 holes tomorrow! Zion Wright, backside 360

035 lebelphoto bunt23 2054 2000Birdie gang!

037 lebelphoto bunt23 2144 2000Is that Mark Suciu?!

008 buntjamd2 02994 2000If I do this, Mom’s doing my homework tonight. Fay Defazio Ebert, 360 flip

007 buntjamd2 02610 2000I’m the fuckin Smith! Full part in the works; Bunt Video comin' 2025. Morgan Smith, nollie heel crook

032 dm 230708 buntjam 05084 enhanced nr 2000You're welcome, Toronto. Grant Taylor, boneless

038 lebelphoto bunt23 2260 2000Up north in heaven, Grant Taylor

033 dm 230708 buntjam 05178 2000I’m literally built different. Rowan Zorilla, switch frontside flip

039 lebelphoto bunt23 2625 2000They don’t pay me enough for this. Lui Elliott, climbing the fence behind Curren Caples' frontside pivot

041 lebelphoto bunt23 2691 2000Curren Caples set the barn on fire two years in a row

042 lebelphoto bunt23 2780 2000Damnit, Curren, it’s hot as fuck! Mason Silva, frontside wall bash on that no-grab lifestyle

043 lebelphoto bunt23 3016 2000Lucky you ain’t Austyn. I’ll suck my knees up for you, Gary

045 lebelphoto bunt23 3430 2000Honey, I’m home! TJ Rogers fresh off the Thrasher Vacation with a backside heel through the uprights

046 lebelphoto bunt23 3534 2000This isn’t even my final form! Why is everyone cheering? Nyjah “Frieza” Huston, switch frontside flip

009 buntjamd2 03282 2000I wonder if Andy Reid will sign me? Butker looking kinda washed. Sean Malto, nollie flip

010 buntjamd2 4931 2000Being an absolute beast is pretty fun. James BAMA Hardy, fs flip

011 buntjamd2 5179 2000Legalize it! Mason Silva, pop shove tail grab

044 lebelphoto bunt23 3134 2000I fucking hate The Bunt Jam!

028 dm 230708 buntjam 00979 2000No wait, I AM The Bunt Jam! Mason Silva, full Cab

034 dm 230708 buntjam 05445 enhanced nr 2000Tré points on the board, Ryan Townley with the most jock 360 flip of all time

047 lebelphoto bunt23 3590 2000"It’s over!" Donovan Jones calls it

029 dm 230708 buntjam 01108 2000What is this CAD crap? Good thing I did it for the people and not this puny cash prize

012 buntjamd2 5269 2000Easiest trick all day, Grant Taylor, shotgun for the Barn Burner 2023 award

013 buntjamd2 5290 2000I’m probably ready for the X-Games now. Ryan Townley, Field Goal champion 2023

030 dm 230708 buntjam 01143 2000I earned this Beamer beer! Mason Silva, Bunt Jam MVP 2023

025 dm 230708 buntjam 00634 2000Did you hear? I tré flipped the field goal. Ryan Townley for the people. Shoutout to the Skateloft for taking care of the next generation

006 buntjamd2 02501 2000Thank you, Beamer beer, for keeping our athletes and all of Toronto hydrated for the Bunt Jam 2023

048 lebelphoto bunt23 ap 3845 2000Job well done, Bunt Gang! Thanks to everyone involved and everyone who tuned in!

026 dm 230708 buntjam 00649 2000The man, the myth, the legend. Anything is possible when Josh Clark is steering the ship. Cephas Benson, Josh Clark and Donovan Jones. Now watch that full recap video here
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