Junk Drawer
  • Jordan Trahan's "Static VI" Part

    Jordan Trahan's "Static VI" Part
    In this power-packed finale for Static VI, Trahan handles his hometown of New Orleans with that signature pop and an eye for the overlooked.
  • Caravan Skateboards' "Goin' Places" Video

    Caravan Skateboards' "Goin' Places" Video
    Illinois has always been a hotbed for underground rippers, and this Caravan crew vid shines a light on the current crop. Henry Woolever, Corey Henderson and company bring the pain from LA to Spain.
  • Jerry Hsu: More People I've Known

    Jerry Hsu: More People I've Known
    Fun fact: Jerry Hsu's first People I've Known was the only one that didn't require any kind of major rewriting by the staff. That's right—he's not just pro at skating, but spelling and grammar, too!
  • Habitat Skateboards' "XXIV" Video

    Habitat Skateboards' "XXIV" Video
    Habitat makes a cross-generational connection with everyone from Silas, Stefan, Suciu and Dela to the new faces Jiro, Alex, and Romel.
  • GX1000: Bilbao and Vigo Video

    GX1000: Bilbao and Vigo Video
    The GX crew storms Bilbao and Vigo, raising the stakes on tattered asphalt, cutty blocks and hair-raising inclines.
  • Spiraling: GX1000 in Basque Country Article

    Spiraling: GX1000 in Basque Country Article
    The GX boys bounced over to Spain without their boss. And even though an undercover cop and a missing board tried to kill the mission—we think they really came through. Judge for yourself with this firsthand account from GX rider Nile Gibbs. As seen in our February ‘24 mag.
  • Mike Krok for PLUSkateboarding

    Mike Krok for PLUSkateboarding
    After servicing Detroit's sketchy rails with an unreal knack for heelflips and nollie grinds, Mike makes quick work of LA's hotspots—add some vintage Blink and you've got a real treat.
  • Arbor Skateboards Welcomes Isiah Sanchez

    Arbor Skateboards Welcomes Isiah Sanchez
    Isiah takes out marathon-long ledges and Venice spots in his first clips for Arbor.  
  • Creature's "Creachzilla" Demo Video

    Creature's "Creachzilla" Demo Video
    J-Worth, The Muscle, Milton and the Fiends light up Japan's indoor ramps and keep the fire blazing in the concrete pits for Creature.
  • Space Pupil Welcomes Lizard King

    Space Pupil Welcomes Lizard King
    Big Liz gets ditch fever with Parts and their Space Pupil homies.
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April 2024 Filipe Mota Thrasher Cover_Burnett_350
Filipe Mota breaks new ground at Hollywood High, stomping a KF FS BLUNT onto the cover and into the history books. Inside this 200 page issue you'll find interviews with Vincent Alvarez, Dakota Servold, as well as Vans on the road, Peter Hewitt, Elijah Berle, Wes Kremer, Epic Spots and much more. Dig in.